David Normoyle- Managing Director

David Normoyle has extensive industry experience gained over more than 40 years in the construction engineering industry, and is considered one of its leading technical minds. David has been Managing Director of F & D Normoyle since its inception in 1986, having established and run its predecessor, as well as having taken a leading role in his family’s long-established engineering business. His hands-on involvement with all of Normoyle Engineering projects from beginning to end is a main driver of its success, as is his pride in the company’s reputation and quality of work, which ensures all projects are completed to the highest standards. His particular focus for all our projects is to ensure the work is perfectly designed for manufacture and quality whilst never sacrificing the aesthetic elements.

David has a trade background and as such is familiar with a multitude of manufacturing processes which helps us constantly assist with the design of our projects for fast and efficient manufacture and installation.

Alex Scotts- Senior Project Manager 

Alex has a first class honours degree in Industrial Design, a masters degree in Commerce specializing in business strategy and project management and over 10 years custom project management experience in construction. Alex has significant understanding of 3D modelling and computer aided design and can run Solidworks, Rhinoceros 3D, Solidedge and Autocad amongst others. This understanding of the 3D modelling process has proven invaluable during Normoyle Engineering’s more complex BIM driven projects such as the Melbourne East Link, UTS Dr. Chau Chak wing, the Barangaroo T2 Spiral Stair and the Darling Exchange. Alex has a thorough understanding of the custom project design process and is extremely experienced in working with the builder, architect and engineers to develop the designs.

Fahrettin Acar- Project Manager

Fahrettin has a degree in Civil engineering and over 5 years of experience in construction at a project management level. Fahrettin also has significant 3D modelling capabilities and a thorough knowledge of how to utilize 3D modelling and BIM systems in the construction industry. Fahrettin plays a significant role in the design, planning, procurement and implementation of Normoyle Engineering’s projects.

Eric Li- Project Manager, Estimator and Cost Planner

Eric has a degree in Civil Engineering and over 5 years experience in engineering and construction. Eric plays a crucial role in providing analysis of past and current projects to help enable competitive analysis of costs and supplier pricing. Eric also takes responsibility for some of our project based work.

John Gallaher- Lead Draftsman

John has a mechanical engineering degree and comes from a trade background- having commenced his career as a fitter and turner. This combination makes John exceedingly valuable, thoroughly assisting Normoyle Engineering develop designs, details and drawings of the highest quality.

Marian Pillar- Factory Supervisor

Marian has a degree of mechanical engineering and comes from a trade backgournd as a CNC machinist with over 5 years of experience in industrial welding including GMAW, GTAW and FCAW welding, etc. . The combination of all of his skill set plays a key role in ensuring the products we produced are in their highest quality.

Additional support staff;

Normoyle Engineering further directly employs a variety of tradesmen including carpenters, electricians, welders, glaziers and riggers. All our staff, by their very nature have significant custom project experience.